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The awning blind is specifically designed to reduce the heat in a room. The awning blind is made from a special cloth, which also helps soften the light in the room without actually blocking the view.


Design & Quality

  • Shade and heat regulation. An excellent option for bringing down the temperature on sunny days
  • Made of a highly resilient material with PVC-coated fibreglass to make it rot-proof and dirt-resistant
  • Discreetly fitted inside the hood of the window, the blind is protected when not in use
  • The perfect fit for our roof windows
  • Easy to install in only 5 minutes
  • PVC-coated fibreglass fabric
  • The fabric is designed to keep heat out and let soft light in
  • Externally fixed to the top of the roof window
  • Very easy to operate the blind from the inside
  • While using the blind, you can easily open the window and let the air in
  • The cloth is 2 cm wider than the pane - giving you more protection when the window is open
  • 2-year guarantee

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